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It is an honour to be principal of Lakeview School. We are a school that works incredibly hard to meet the needs of every student; with this not being a mere catch phrase, but something that is backed up by the programmes we offer, our superb staff, fabulous facilities, wonderful families who

choose Lakeview as the school for their children, and supported by a board of trustees and PTA who are intent on giving our students all they need to thrive. Lakeview is all about opportunities, whether it be in the arts, culture, academia or sports, leading to fantastic success in all of these areas. None of these things happen by accident, they happen because of the time, effort, expertise, and resources that go into making them so.

Please feel free to contact me to find out more about our wonderful school!

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About Us

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Lakeview School is a U6 full primary school positioned on the north-eastern corner of Masterton with a roll of 553 students from years 1-8. Lakeview School was formed in 2004 following the merger of three schools: Hiona Intermediate School, Totara Drive School, and Lansdowne School.

Lakeview School is committed to providing high quality education to our students, with our commitment reflected in our resourcing and teaching programmes.

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School Calendar

Term Dates 2024

2024 School Holidays and Terms

Term 1: 7 February - 12 April

Holidays in term time:

Easter Friday 29 March

Easter Monday 1 April

Easter Tuesday 2 April

End of term holidays: 13 April to 28 April

ANZAC Day: 25 April (School Holidays)

Term 2: 29 April - 5 July

Holidays in term time:

King’s Birthday: 3 June

TOD: 4 June

Matariki: 28 June

End of term holidays: 6 July to 21 July

Term 3: 22 July - 27 September

End of term holidays: 28 September to 13 October

Term 4: 14 October – 20 December

Holiday in term time:

Labour Day: 28 October

Our Vision Statement

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Engaged and Empowered

to achieve Excellence

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Our ākonga participate fully as members of a learning community. They bring their passions, skills, culture and knowledge to share and contribute. They are confident, curious and courageous learners.


Our ākonga are empowered to know the value of their learning and to have a strong sense of belonging. They see themselves reflected in all aspects of school life, valuing partnerships with other ākonga, whānau, iwi and hapū.

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Our ākonga, both individually and collectively, are provided with opportunities to excel in ways that embrace their language, culture and identity. This happens through a variety of fields, including academic, cultural, social and sport. This is a reflection of the aspirations of their whānau, school, community and self.

Our Lakeview School Values


We are kind and caring


We always try our best


We listen to and follow instructions


We show grit and determination


We are honest

Our Lakeview School Values are explicitly taught and modelled by staff in all classes

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We are kind and caring

We always try our best

We are honest

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We have five Heroes thet help us to remember our Lakeview School Golden Rules

We listen to and follow instructions

We show grit and determination

Our School Structure

In 2023 we renamed our syndicates. These syndicates were previously named the Junior, Junior Middle, Senior Middle and Senior syndicates.

Our new structure uses the language associated with a manu (bird) taking flight. The youngest syndicate (New Entrants to Year 2) is named Ka Tau. This is the stage where the manu is settled and preparing itself for flight. The next syndicate (Year 3-4) is named Ka Rewa. This describes the stage when the manu launches and takes flight. The Year 5-6 syndicate is named Ka Rere. This is the stage where the manu is able to fly by flapping its wings. The final stage is is Ka Topa (The name of our Year 7-8 syndicate). This is the stage where the manu is able to soar.

Birds in Silhouette

Mā te huruhuru ka rere te manu

It is the feathers that enable the bird to fly

Ka Topa

Year 7 - Year 8

Ka Rere

Year 5 - Year 6

Ka Rewa

Year 3 - Year 4*

Ka Tau

New Entants - Year 2

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Our 2024 Strategic Plan

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Our 2024 Strategic Goals are:

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-The Attendance Initiative

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  • To strengthen teacher practice through continued professional development delivers the highest possible standards of education to our pupils.
  • To foster staff and student wellbeing through the implementation on PB4L Tier-3 and Restorative practice systems
  • To develop culturally responsive practice through the teaching of te reo and tikanga Māori.
  • To increase community engagement.

New Enrolments

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More information is available in our school information pack

Enrolment packs are available from the school office.

Your child may start on their 5th birthday.

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Preschool visits help a child manage this important transition time in their lives. Visits can start 5 weeks before their birthday or longer if required.

Please enrol with Raewyn at the office and she will arrange for you and your child to meet with the teacher in the classroom. Your child must be enrolled to start the visits.

Procedure for first visits:

• School visits are from 9.00-10.30am on Wednesdays.

• Arrive at school and go to the office at about 8.50am. You and your child will be taken to the class.

• You may stay at school with your child for all or part of this time

General Information

General Information

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Fruit in Schools

FrEE Healthy School Lunches

Package with Lunch

Students are provided with fruit each day thanks to the Fruit in Schools initiative

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Lakeview School is part of the Healthy School lunches programme. All students are provided with a healthy lunch each day.


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Hand Made Open Notebook

All stationery is provided for students. This is funded by the school.

School Donations

Lakeview School has opted into the MOE donation scheme. This means that the only fees whānau need to pay are for overnight camps or sports fees


We have a fabulous PTA group who assist with fundraising and organising school events. Contact the office to get involved.

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Polo Shirt Clothing


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Our uniform is available for purchase at NZ Uniforms Masterton. We also have a number of pre-used items available at the school office that can be purchased for a donation.

Sports at Lakeview

Sports at Lakeview

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At Lakeview School we aim to give our students as many opportunities as possible to engage with a range of sports. We have a dedicated sports coordinator who oversees a large number of teams and events. Lakeview School competes in the Elite Sport competition alongside a number of other schools in the wider Wellington and Manawatu regions.

Red Field Hockey Stick
Red Field Hockey Stick
rugby football
foot ball
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Cricket Bat
basketball player in action
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Please note that fees are required for a number of sports and the school PE uniform may also be needed.

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Our Student Leaders 2024

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At Lakeview School we have a fabulous group of student leaders. These students are selected from our Ka Topa (Year 7-8) syndicate and are positive role models for all of our Lakeview community members. They display our Lakeview School values with pride.

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Smiley Face
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The Kaitiaki Club


Head Students

Brenden & Stephie

Head Students

Olivia & Paul

The student leaders help out with the Kaitiaki Club. This initiative involves welcoming new students, introducing them to our school values and checking in on them in the class and playground.

Music at Lakeview

Music at Lakeview

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Bold Cartoon Drums Instrument

Lakeview School has a dedicated music room with a wide variety of musical instruments. Class sets of ukuleles, guitars and percussion equipment are available for whole class instruction and lessons are available for specific instruments such as piano and brass band.

Keyboard Piano

Each year we have a school band who practise regularly before performing at different times during the year.

Lakeview School Band 2023

-Fresh Tings

Enquire at the office to see what music lessons are currently available.

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CULTURAL performance groups

At Lakeview School we have a variety of cultural performance groups. All students participate in weekly kapa haka sessions throughout the year. Groups perform each year at the Wairarapa Primary Schools Kapa Haka festival.

Two fabulous Poly clubs run each year in both the junior and senior ends of the school. The students practise and perform under the guidance of Miss Mele Lio.

School Docs

Financial Reports

All of our school policies and procedures can be found online. To access them visit search for Lakeview School and type in the username lakeview and password colombo